Hi, I'm Alexander Katin

I'm a UI designer from Moscow. I graduated Interactive and New Media” at BHSAD.
I was honored to work at “Sulliwan Studio”, Hungry Boys” agency, and “Hello Computer”. As of now, I design interfaces for Habidatum.

Some projects on Dribbble, and on Behance.

If you have an interesting project — email me.

Try using force-touch if your device supports it.

Formr plugin for Sketch

Personal project developed in an attempt to learn more about Sketch plugins eco-system. I've came up with an idea, developed the plugin itself, made public repository, landing page, and wrote an overview.

Visual Cleaner web application

An on-going project in urban studies, typography, and product design. Started by Alexey Kovalev as his bachelor degree thesis in 2014 Visual Cleaner is a simplistic web app allowing user to create posters with messages to be used in public spaces. I've developed front-end.

Listening Sphere art installation

Developed software using openFrameworks and Processing for Garage CCC art-show. Wrote an article about this project on Medium. You can find in-detail project presentation here.

Dronevertising for Wokker

As a part of my work at Hungry Boys I've thoroughly researched flying drones and their potential practical application. With a talented Hungry Boys team we've made an ad campaign for Wokker. Our case video made it to Ads of the World. We've also coined the term "dronevertising".

Kiehl's installation

Brand Kiehl's approached our team at BHSAD with a brief to make something unusual for one of its shops. I've done the conceptual work, presented idea to client, helped with software and Arduino-based development.

Sulliwan Studio website ⚒

While working at Sulliwan Studio I've developed current (as of mid'16) version of studio website, and some digital projects: Ferma, Night of Music, and Recycle.

Christmas Voyage installation

At Hello Computer we've done four street installations for New Year celebration in winter 2015. ActionScript development for one of installations was done by me.